Stunt master son will do what?

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Stunt master son will do what? Empty Stunt master son will do what?

Post by swatika on Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:53 pm

What will a cine stunt master son will do, if dance masters son dance, music director son directs music?
Yes, he will do action in the movie.
Joining the long list of sons succeeding their fathers in the industry is Vijay Chiranjeevi. Son of veteran stunt master ‘Jaguar’ Thangam, Vijay Chiranjeevi will make his debut in a movie titled Suriya.

Produced and directed by ‘Jaguar’ Thangam himself, the movie has loads of action. Says Thangam: ‘Having been a stunt master myself, I wanted my film to have enough action.

My son had learnt martial arts and is well versed in gymnastics, kung fu and silambattam.’ The highlight of the film is a stunt sequence wherein 1000 karatekas and 200 professional kung fu masters appear.

We used over 40 cameras including a steadycam to shoot the sequence’. ‘Jaguar’ Thangam, who had been in the industry for over three decades, had worked in 550 films as stunt master.

He says, ‘ I know the tastes and preferences of the action lovers. Suriya will satisfy them’.

Keerthy Chawla and Neepa play the heroines. The rest of the cast includes Vijayakumar, Bose Venkat, Mayilsamy, Thalapathy Dinesh and Rocky Rajesh.

Jerome Pushparaj has scored the music while cinematography is by Ashok.
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