AMMA bans Meera Jasmine

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AMMA bans Meera Jasmine Empty AMMA bans Meera Jasmine

Post by swatika on Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:22 pm

While after Meera's glmorous appearance in Nepali, her career is booming in Kerala, Kollywood and Tollywood, AMMA has banned her from acting in Mallu films.
"Association of Malayalam Movie Artists" is producing a movie titled Twenty-20, in which all the actors in the association should act without taking any fees and the money generated by releasing the movie will be used for the development of AMMA.
Meera is hesitating to give callsheets for the movie as she is busy in Telugu and other Malayalam movies.
Annoyed over her hesitation, AMMA has banned her to act in other Malayalam movies.
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