Nepali Bharath wants to be Kamal and Ajith

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Nepali Bharath wants to be Kamal and Ajith Empty Nepali Bharath wants to be Kamal and Ajith

Post by Priya on Tue Apr 15, 2008 7:21 pm

When Nepali Bharath was asked how he feels about doing three roles in a single movie, he said "While watching movies of Kamal sir and others, I thought it will be an easy affair, but after doing in a movie I understood, it requires lots of energy and commitment. The pain and strain that I went through during the shooting has turned to be a treat for me, because it has yielded the result, making the movie success"
On doing commercial movies, he says "I don't believe in acting purely for commercial sake. I want to do something different in each movie. I don't want to be identified as an action hero or man for romance. I want to give mixture of entertainment to the public. I want to be an actor, who can be moulded to the taste of the director."
About his next projects "I will be giving atleast another three movies in this year, among which Muniyandi, Vilangiyal moondraam Aandu will be released soon, followed by Sevval and then Tiruththani"
He requested his fans to title him as Chinna Thala. He don't answer our question, "Does Chinna Thala means Ajith's Dasan?"
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