Bees on love for Meera Jasmine

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Bees on love for Meera Jasmine Empty Bees on love for Meera Jasmine

Post by swatika on Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:11 pm

Bees on love for Meera Jasmine 210
Its not Men, but this time its male bees that chased Meera Jasmine and few went to the extent of kissing her and few arrogant ones sting her.
Stings now put her in hospital and she is on medical treatment.
Dr. Rajesakar is doing a Telugu movie under the title "Korintaakku" in which Meera is acting as sister of Rajasekar.
Shooting was taken in Mehboob Nagar near by Hyderabad and to witness the shooting lots of villagers gathered. Out of enthusiasm few claimed on tree tops and few disturbed a bee hive making the bees to wake up.
Waked up bees, initially were angered and stinged few people and when they found meera, a competition among them was created and they started kissing her, and made her to get hospitalize!!!
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