Meera injured by bees, hospitalised

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Meera injured by bees, hospitalised Empty Meera injured by bees, hospitalised

Post by Priya on Fri Apr 04, 2008 4:53 pm

Actress Meera Jasmine was stung by bees during the shooting of Telugu movie Gorintaku. The unit was shooting at a temple near Kesampet mandal, Mahaboob Nagar district when the incident took place. Almost eight other people were injured.

Meera is playing a key role in this film as Rajasekharís sister. The incident is said to have happened when a number of villagers gathered to watch the shooting, some of them even climbing nearby trees to get a better view. A big beehive was accidentally disturbed by the villagers. Meera Jasmine was caught unawares by the bee attack. She was stung very badly and was immediately rushed to a hospital. She was given the necessary treatment, doctors stated that her condition is ok.

The shooting of the movie has been temporarily cancelled. The movie is the remake of Kannada film ĎAnna Thangií.
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