Padma in Samy`s direction again?

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Padma in Samy`s direction again? Empty Padma in Samy`s direction again?

Post by Priya on Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:47 pm

Padma in Samy`s direction again? Padma_10

After producing movies like Rameshwaram, IDI Films is producing the next movie Sarithiram with ‘mirugam’ fame Aadhi and Rajkiran in the lead. The movie is to be directed by none other than Mirugam fame Samy who shot to fame overnight after slapping Padmapriya during the shooting of the movie Mirugam.

The current buzz is that the producers of Sarithiram wanted Padmapriya to act in the movie and sent out message to her to ask if she was willing to act in the movie. Well, why would a heroine who got slapped by the director for not emoting the climax well, act with the director again?. This might have been the feelings of Padmapriya when she was approched for Sarithiram. Anyway the actress has rejected the offer.

Currently the crew is looking for a suitable heroine for the movie. It is well known that Samy is banned for one year from directing films in the matter of slapping Padmapriya. Once the ban is removed, Samy is eager to direct his next movie.
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