Prakash Raj and Jayaram add strength to ‘Saroja’

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Prakash Raj and Jayaram add strength to ‘Saroja’ Empty Prakash Raj and Jayaram add strength to ‘Saroja’

Post by swatika on Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:08 pm

Saroja’, directed by Venkat Prabhu, has had the strength of a set of talented and dedicated actors, who offer amazing variety to the fare. Apart from the young brigade of Mirchi Siva, SPB Charan, Premji Amaran and Vaibav, ‘Saroja’ also has the weight of experience in versatile actors Prakash Raj and Jayaram.
Prakash Raj, playing an important role in the film, is quite excited about his character. His dedication and cooperation are simply amazing, says the director. The senior actor reports to the sets before anyone else turns up. He enjoys the role and provides a special touch to it by his inimitable rendition.
So is the case with the colorful Jayaram, who plays another pivotal role as a cop in ‘Saroja’. The actor, who has donned lot of roles in his illustrious career, feels that this film would be a milestone in his entire career.
The director has a word to tell about the hilarious Premji. Though ‘Saroja’ was basically conceived as a thriller, it has now become a sort of ‘serious comedy’ with the inclusion of Premji, says Venkat. Premji’s humor will be a much needed relief to the serious movie, he adds.
Last, but not the least, we have something about the heroine. Since the movie revolves around a girl, it is very important to have a strong actor to handle the role. Venkat Prabhu has boldly chosen Vega, a newcomer to don the role. Vega, who was discovered by the team in Mumbai, was born and brought up in Australia.
‘Saroja’, with a colorful cast and a strikingly different storyline, promises a lot.
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