Trisha: That special smile

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Trisha: That special smile Empty Trisha: That special smile

Post by swatika on Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:07 pm

Some would have noticed that special glow in Trisha’s smile in recent times. The girl gifted with a beautiful face, an attractive figure, and a smile to die for, has added glitter to her smile, which has been glowing naturally.
The new addition to the attraction of the beautiful smile is made possible by a new fashion called ‘Dental Jewellery’, which is fast becoming the in-thing among young girls. Trisha has opted for this ‘Dental Jewellery’ by embedding a precious Swarovski stone in her tooth and that is the secret of the extra glow in her smile.
The process, it is learnt that would cost Rs 1500 per stone. The cost will increase depending on the value of the stone.
It may be recalled that Trisha won the award for Miss Beautiful Smile in a beauty contest held in 2001.
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