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Tamil sexy actress Simran Interview Empty Tamil sexy actress Simran Interview

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:05 pm

Tamil sexy actress Simran Interview-Unfading Beauty

Tell us about your family…

My father owns a garment factory in Mumbai and my mom is a home maker. After completing my B.Com, I joined the acting course in the Film Institute. My husband’s name is Deepak and my little son is Adhith…

Your first film…

My very first film was in Hindi titled ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ produced by Amitabh Bacchan. It was a very memorable experience. Jaya Bacchan and I share a very special relationship and she was the one who named me Simran, meaning meditation. My screen name has become so popular that I have in fact forgotten my original name- Rishibala.

Your first film in Tamil…

The first film in Tamil was Poochoodava, but V.I.P. got released first.

After a three-year long break, you are making your re-entry in Malayalam and Tollywood. Why not in Kodambakkam?
I didn’t come across the right script that would re-launch me in Tamil and I am waiting for the right characterization that would enhance my performance...

Buzzes are that you are not getting much opportunity to act due to your demand for a very high salary… What is your take on this?

I fix the payment for my performance and I don’t want to work without getting money I deserve. Producers who approached me have agreed to pay what I have asked them to. So, what is the trouble?

How have your fans reacted to your re-entry on screen?
My fans are always there to welcome me. After all, they had been missing me for a long time. Now they are obviously happy that I am back…

Are you sure that you can woo the audience just like you did earlier?
I am sure that I can give the same quality performance that I did before. It was only during my child’s birth that I had become a little fat and put on weight, but I have reduced now.

What role would you be donning in future?

I don’t think I have lost my old charm. I feel that I am still young and can act alongside young heroes as their female lead.

How will you manage both films and family?

Acting in films is my profession and I’ll never quit from it. The scenario is just like any other woman working after marriage…

About your husband Deepak…

He is very friendly and understanding. I am very lucky that I got him as my husband.


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