Seeman and Madhavan team up again?

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Seeman and Madhavan team up again? Empty Seeman and Madhavan team up again?

Post by swatika on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:56 pm

You are as good as the result of your last release - one of the famous saying in Kollywood - has been proved right once again. Seeman, who has proved his caliber as a hit making director with his ‘Thambi’, is finding it difficult to find a hero for his next project.
Post ‘Vaazhthugal’, the director has planned to make ‘Pagalavan’, an action movie in the lines of ‘Thambi’. In fact, he wanted to make it after ‘Thambi’ but somehow changed his mind and went for a soft movie ‘Vaazhthugal’, with his favorite hero Madhavan, who acted in ‘Thambi’.
The result of ‘Vaazhthugal’ has put pressure on the filmmaker, and hence he has revived the project of ‘Pagalavan’.
The problem with the new project is that not many heroes are coming forward to act in his film, fearing that it could be another experimental movie like ‘Vaazhthugal’. The response is so ironical given the fact that many heroes had actually come forward to act in his movie after ‘Thambi’ became hit.
Seeman, however remains unperturbed. He has decided to go with his favorite star for ‘Pagalavan’. His graph will once again go up if the film becomes a hit and he would find many heroes knocking his doors.
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