Trisha’s concern towards her staff

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Trisha’s concern towards her staff Empty Trisha’s concern towards her staff

Post by swatika on Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:35 am

You cannot see many stars, who would take pains to know about the facilities provided to their personal staff during the shooting. There would be at least four persons working for each stars viz. make up man/woman, hair dresser, costumer, and touch up boy. Most of the stars are just concerned about their own convenience and they do not bother about how and where their staff stay and eat.

Trisha, however, stands out from the crowd. She takes care of everything for her personal staff and ensures that they get a fair deal in terms of food, accommodation, and transportation.
Recently the leading star stunned everyone in "Kuruvi" unit by her demands for her staff. Her list of demands included salary hike for them and the choice of car in which they are brought to the shooting spot. More importantly, she has ensured that the demands were accepted and implemented by the producers.
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