Will Aamir’s comment provoke Shahrukh?

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Will Aamir’s comment provoke Shahrukh? Empty Will Aamir’s comment provoke Shahrukh?

Post by swatika on Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:30 pm

Will Aamir’s comment provoke Shahrukh? Aamir-10
A recent interview by Aamir Khan has stirred the hornet’s nest for the next possible, perhaps the biggest, rivalry in Bollywood. This one is about the statement reportedly made by Aamir declaring himself as the number one in the Indian cinema. If you chanced to interview SRK, what would be your first question asked a reporter and pat came the reply: “I would ask

Shahrukh how does it feel to be second after Aamir?”
Quite naturally, after this episode, everyone wanted to know SRK’s reaction. Flabbergasting everyone at a press conference held by the Indian Premier League with his reply, he said: “We have great regard for each other. He is 100 per cent number one.”
Though SRK insisted that Aamir’s statement should be construed as made in jest, analysts consider that this could trigger a war of sorts between the two Khans.
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