Bhoomika has no regrets to husbandís attitude

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Bhoomika has no regrets to husbandís attitude Empty Bhoomika has no regrets to husbandís attitude

Post by swatika on Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:18 pm

What if she is married and officially a housewife, the lovely looking Bhoomika hasnít entirely bid adieu to her career. Although she isnít satisfied with the roles being offered in Hindi and Tamil, Telugu seems to proffer what she wants. She plays the lead in a couple of Telugu movies. Bhoomika avers that she is looking for roles with substance similar to what Tabu plays in Hindi.
On the cards is a plan for direction. ďItís my wish to direct a movie by the end of the year. The subject would be offbeat as I have no interest in run-of-the-mill commercial movies,Ē chimes her. To be produced by her husband, the movie will be made in Telugu.
Married to the yoga guru Bharath Takur, Bhoomika still follows the yoga routine that made her fall in love with her husband. ďI turn to Bharath for doubts in yoga,Ē she states. Besides, she confesses that Bharath does not have a penchant to watch her movies. She also admits that she has no regrets whatsoever on that matter.

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