Sreesanth -Priyanka confusion revealed

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Sreesanth -Priyanka confusion revealed Empty Sreesanth -Priyanka confusion revealed

Post by swatika on Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:15 pm

For over a week or so, many were perplexed on hearing a phone conversation between the Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra and Indian fast bowler Sreesanth. The conversation that was aired on some news channels came in as a surprise as Sreesanth expressed over the phone how he was crazy about Priyanka and how his knees shook and palms got sweaty on the very mention of the diva’s name.
Last evening, Sreesanth took it up to invite the media over to a conference to clarify elements concerning the tape and his rift with actor Amir Ali over the Priyanka issue. On reaching the event, it was surprising to see Sreesanth without glasses challenging Aamir Ali to his own game of “Nach Baliye”.
Yes, you heard it right. Sreesanth was seen grooving to some Bollywood numbers and was quite impressive. Well, who was the better of the two, as both fought for approval was to be decided by lady love herself.
Sounds weird right! Was it a Press conference for Sreesanth to clarify the rumours or was it something else?
The scintillating beauty Priyanka Chopra appeared finally as the backdrop of a jail split apart and the beautiful lady stood right in front of a ‘LUX’ backdrop to unveil a new variant of the brand. All this drama was a completely staged event by the Unilever group that took birth via a mix of viral marketing and PR.
It is quite surprising how Sreesanth being the tough man he is, agreed to be a part of such an event specially to promote a feminine brand. Looks like Sree just wanted to tell the world that he is ready for the movies and that he too can dance.
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