Mishkin's film on the top of the list

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Mishkin's film on the top of the list Empty Mishkin's film on the top of the list

Post by swatika on Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:31 am

There were only 8 people to watch Mishkin's Chittiram pesuddhadi' in Udayam Complex on the day of release.
But 'Anjadhe' has turned the tide. It continues to get the best collection at the box office. In Chennai, going by the weekly collections, 'Anjadhe' stands first. Vadivelu's 'Indiralohattil Na. Azhagappan', second, 'Thundil' by K.S.Adhiyaman, third and 'Beema' is in the fourth place. The song 'Kathazhai kannale kuthadhe' of this film is received well all over Tamilnadu.
The advertisements for 'Anjadhe' give prime position to that song like that of 'Valameen'. The full-length posters of Sniktha, the dancer in the song are also part of the advertisements.
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